Happy working mum, happy thriving child?

Following her withdrawal from the Australia Open, Serena Williams was featured and interviewed in Vogue Magazine. She raised some valid points about motherhood. We however want to zoom in on our  babies and young girls we leave behind. The ones we leave behind sometimes at the crack of dawn, in the hands of a creche carer in order to get to work on time. The daily separation is painful. Our girls need us and we feel they’ll be happier if we were always present, available. 

A new report provides some good news. We can have happy, healthy children and a full-time job, after all. Dr Mendolia found that a high number of hours spent working by a mother makes it no less likely that their children will smoke or suffer subpar levels of psychological well-being. Convincing, yes. Reassuring, no. Parents will always worry and are perfectly entitled to. But if there will be extra income and a thriving child – we can only enjoy this win-win scenario whilst waiting for fair-er distribution of professional opportunities and  benefits post maternity.

Parents do you feel your status as a working parents or stay at home parents affects your child’s well being? Thoughts? Experiences?


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