About Us


To succeed, confidence matters as much as competence. Without it, very little, if anything can be achieved. Research shows, sadly, that compared with males, females generally underestimate their abilities. This confidence gap is potentially devastating. It stems from several factors.

Reasons for lack of confidence:

  1. Perfectionism
  2. Belief systems
  3. Society & Media
  4. Relationships
  5. Environment



At My D.I.A we believe that most low confidence cases can be reversed in simple, fun and affordable ways. We inform parents through our one page magazine (MY D.I.A. Mag), we make the coolest, ego-boosting merchandise for girls (MY D.I.A Brand) and we use our online village to share,  exchange and unwind (Instagram).


We are passionate about and committed to building confidence in girls.

Everything we do or sell is simple, fun and affordable.

Mary, the founder of MY D.I.A., often reflects on her childhood challenges. She was a perfectionist. Her achievements never felt enough and at times she questioned her self image and identity. As a mom she became aware of how devastating this could be for younger girls. She decided to do something about it ASAP. My D.I.A was launched.



We would love your feedback (see Testimonials) and your contribution. Has your daughter done anything amazing lately? Do share! Upload and send us a video. It could be anything from her first steps to something that went viral. With your agreement, we’ll publish it and cheer her on! Contact us online or by email – mydia@gmail.com.)

If you would like to advertise a business, event or an offer that’s in line with our values, please get in touch (mydia@gmail.com)