Calling All Stars!

Has your daughter done anything amazing lately? Do share! Upload and send us a video. It could be anything from her first steps, making cookies to something that went viral.  Effort and achievement deserve praise and that's what we do. With your agreement, we'll publish it and cheer her on! Contact us online or by … Continue reading Calling All Stars!


3 Year Old Make Up Pro.

Who sat in shock and watched 3 year old Liriana, apply make up like a pro? It was flawlessly done and she's 3. Only 3. With no doubt it went viral. Some women wear make up as a confidence boost. But a 3 year old?!?! Unnecessary? Creative?  Impressive? Worrying? Check it out and tell us … Continue reading 3 Year Old Make Up Pro.

Happy working mum, happy thriving child?

Following her withdrawal from the Australia Open, Serena Williams was featured and interviewed in Vogue Magazine. She raised some valid points about motherhood. We however want to zoom in on our  babies and young girls we leave behind. The ones we leave behind sometimes at the crack of dawn, in the hands of a creche carer … Continue reading Happy working mum, happy thriving child?